Built by Snubbers for Snubbers

Over the last decade, Snubbertech has emerged as a global leader and driving force within the snubbing industry.

At Snubbertech, we manufacture the best stand alone and rig assist snubbing technology in the world. We pride ourselves on having brought together the best minds in the work-over industry to produce innovative designs that are revolutionizing snubbing.

From power packs to pump packs to fully-guided Snubbertech’s 285k™ packages, we are constantly leading and pushing the industry forward. We see snubbing as a disruptive technology capable of displacing other types of completion technology.

Our team has been immersed in the snubbing industry throughout their professional career. We have witnessed the evolution of the industry since the introduction of hydraulic rig-assist units to the Canadian market in the late 1970’s.

Snubbertech….built by snubbers for snubbers