Built by Snubbers for Snubbers

Pump packages

We build complete, containerized pump packages up to 2500 HP quint-configurations.

Power packages

Snubbertech builds custom, containerized power packages greater than 1000 HP featuring Snubbertech designed valving manifolds to minimize hose requirements. Our common configurations utilize CAT C18 engines, LED lighting and integrated, heavy duty work benches. Our cooling systems are designed to handle the most demanding conditions and are capable of maintaining temperature within 15C (60F) of ambient.

Snubbing Rig packages

We build snubbing rigs ranging in sizes from 90k to 1,000k. Our rigs have done some of the longest horizontal runs in the industry and are capable of running out beyond 20,000 feet. Our latest designs will take our customers out to 25,000 feet horizontally.

Snubbertech’s rig designs feature compact footprints, expandable baskets and integrated ginpole with the ability to set the rig in place in a single pick. Our rigs can be configured for dual purpose (rig assist and standalone) and convertible (ability to switch between fully-guided and fully-integrated BOPs).

Custom Projects

Snubbertech has undertaken a number of custom projects for our customers over the years, including slip interlock systems, halo systems, swivels and make-break tools. Contact us today about partnering on design innovation.

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